I realise I am new to this and you might not be ready for this topic – however, I have read a million articles about the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and how it may be a real benefit to people with all sorts of ailments. By writing this blog post, if I can help someone to have the courage to give it a try and see what the benefits are, then it’s worthwhile. (Please note: This post contains mild references to faecal matter – but I’m sure you can handle it (the blog content not the poo)).

I found out about the Complete Health Clinic by a recommendation from a trusted friend, so I just went ahead and booked online. I had a chat over the phone with Helen O’Brien who carries out the treatment and I nervously rocked up for my appointment at the central location of The Lowry Hotel Spa.

I walked in to be welcomed by the gorgeous aroma of citrus fruit and the friendly staff at the spa reception. I was making myself comfortable on one of the bright sofas in the waiting area when Helen arrived, beaming with a happy smile and warm energy.  I immediately had no doubt that this would be a worthwhile experience – if Helen was that happy this must be a good place to be!

We went into one of the cosy spa treatment rooms which was a far cry from the uncomfortable and clinical carry-on film scenario one might think they would be faced with (a misconception that Helen explained she works hard to set straight!).

Before I arrived I had to fill out a form to provide information on my medical history, general lifestyle and of course the all important number twos. So I filled out the form by ticking the relevant boxes and prepared myself for an epic chat about poo.

If you know me well, you will know I am not shy about awkward situations or sensitive topics, and let’s face it everyone has something to say about their bowel movements – whether they actually say it out loud or not.

After a lovely chat, Helen explained to me exactly what would happen and what I needed to do. It really was very simple – once Helen had left the room I had to lie on the treatment bed with just my top half clothed and a towel over the rest of me. The next bit is what might have put you off if you have ever considered a colonic before. The process was pain free, barely even uncomfortable and so quick – I won’t go into detail but yes the disposable plastic tube (attached to a big tank of warm water) required to carry out the colonic does have to go in! Once Helen has got you prepared, all you have to do is lie back and relax while the colonic hydrotherapy works its magic.

The sensation as the warm water goes in and the contents of your colon gets drained away feels slightly odd – like a gentle tugging or mild gurgling followed by the feeling that you need to get to a toilet sharpish. Apparently the feeling can be different for everyone – as can what comes out! I think I was lying there for about 20-30mins while I was getting my colon spring cleaned but Helen was great at passing the time with lots of amusing conversation. Once it was done Helen showed me to a very posh toilet. She handed me a purple step to put my feet on and said to lean back for the ultimate colon clearing position.  After that I went back to the treatment room where we sat down and talked about my colon. Lucky for me it was mostly positive apart from the fact that I need to chew my food better (too much information?)

We discussed nutrition and the benefits of a clean diet and lots of fruit and vegetables. We also shared our experiences of the benefits of getting extra fruit and vegetables from Juice Plus.

I think colonic hydrotherapy would be a great kick start to a detox plan. I noticed the next day that I had more of a spring in my step and I also had an extra boost of energy. Apparently the intestine is the main place in the human body where serotonin (sometimes known as the ‘happy hormone’) is released – which to me means if you look after your colon and have regular number twos you’ll be happier! Surely anything that could help you to feel better or be healthier is worth trying? It’s also not just for the ladies, apparently 40% of Helen’s clients are men. If you think colonic hydrotherapy might help you then don’t be too scared to give it a go – it might just be what you and your colon need.

Yours happily,


3 thoughts on “Colonic Hydro-therapy

  1. Sticking my nose in here, so to speak, as a fellow colon hydrotherapist, we are all pleased the hear people willing to talk about this. A good recommendations is worth a thousand website reassurances. We would say that wouldn’t we. I can also vouch for what you say about Helen. She is amazing isn’t she. Gillian Edwards


  2. Hi Harriet,
    I am sure you will get some comments from other than Colon Hydro therapists in due course!
    But for now, a declaration of interest, I am one too!
    I like how you chose Helen ( personal recommendation), and that you had a conversation with her on the phone before your appointment.
    These things really do make a difference.
    By the time someone goes in for their first treatment , they should feel the therapist is no longer a stranger! ( I know Helen, and with her bubbly personality, she is hard to keep a stranger for very long).
    You have given a great,(and I would think), generally reassuring description of what happens in the treatment, although as you note, people do have individualised responses.
    You’ve also captured an aspect of the treatment that isn’t always self-evident. i.e. the on-table time can be replete with fun banter, with an admixture of serious stuff: its a curious slant on “Me time”.
    Ypu’ve brought out, ever so eloquently, that with the right therapist (in this case the incomparable Helen) a colonic isn’t so much a technical process as a highly interactive stimulating & engaging one. It works on multiple levels.
    Such a well crafted blog post – it deserves to be shared more widely.Thanks.
    Julia rhodes


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